Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012-2013 DLP Classes Confirmed

As I am sure that many of you already know, Lincoln DLP will have two kinder classes, one first grade class and one second grade class.  We will welcome a new teacher: Sra. Maria Covarrubias.  Maestra Covarrubias and Maestra Ruiz will teach the two A.M. kindergarten classes.  Maestra Gonzalez will teach first and Maestra Williams (the newly married Boni) will teach second.  We have heard from the district that there are plans to assist the large first grade and second grade classrooms, but specific details are yet to be disclosed.  We will certainly keep you all abreast of any development or news.

Be sure to mark your calendars for the "Back to School" night on Thursday, August 9th at 6pm.  Remember that "Back to School" night is for parents only.  Kindergarteners are encouraged to meet their teachers on Friday, August 10th from 3pm-4pm.  The school's first PTO meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 12 at 6pm.  Our first DLP meeting is TBA.  We'll keep you posted!

On behalf of the DLPA board, we are all looking forward to seeing you and your children at school in a few weeks.  And we are very excited for the new families that will be joining our little community!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Study of Dual-Language Immersion Programs in Portland

The below article peeked my interest and I want to share it with all of you.  We will follow the research project closely and post the findings here when they are available.  I wish we had 10 dual immersion  k-12  programs in our area (maybe in the future)....

Study of Dual-Language Immersion Launches in Portland Schools
Education Week
By Lesli A. Maxwell

RAND Corporation researchers have kicked off a three-year research project <> -backed with a $1.7 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education-to examine the effects of dual-language programs on student achievement in English/language arts, math, and science in the public schools in Portland.

This study's results will be highly anticipated, as the demand for dual-language programs increases and more school districts look to them as the future of language instruction for both English-language learners and native English-speakers.

Researchers will compare achievement, attendance, and behavior outcomes between Portland students who applied through a prekindergarten lottery to enroll in a dual-language program and were selected and students who applied but did not receive entry.

The school district in Portland offers 10 dual-language immersion programs <> : seven in Spanish, and one each in Japanese, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese.

Portland's programs are somewhat unusual in that they span from kindergarten (in a few cases, prekindergarten) through 12th grade. None of the programs is able to accommodate all the demand for them, so Portland uses a lottery system to determine admission. For the Spanish and Russian dual-language programs, as many as half of the spaces go to native speakers, with the balance left for native English-speakers, which fits the two-way immersion model because of the mix of native and non-native speakers of the target language. The Japanese and Mandarin programs are primarily for native English-speakers.

RAND researchers will partner with researchers from the American Councils for International Education for the study.