Spanish Resource websites


Here's a long list of apps that are great for preschool-1st grade:

Read Conmigo is a great resource for free bilingual books. You can even
download 12 free books onto a mobile device! We love free stuff...

ClicClicClic - Cuentos Interactivos, by far one of the best interactive Spanish
 reading websites! For the non-Spanish speaking parents, you may need a little
help navigating through the site, but it worth the effort. The site is rich in visual
 art and creativity. Whoo hoo, this is a fabulous website full of
recommendations of Spanish books for children. We love this site, because
it features literature that celebrates the Latino culture and not just books that
are translated from another language into Spanish. We hope you like this
 site as much as we do! - This site hosts some short and basic educational
activities for young Spanish learners.  Unfortunately, it only has four activities,
 but they are fun and worth doing a few times with your child(ren).  We'll
keep searching for other sites like this one.

"Soy una taza"
song and video of a Spanish Version of "I'm a Little Teapot"

La Ciudad de Malaga, Espana -- City Images of Malaga, Spain

Linguascope Games
A variety of thematic games in Spanish and other languages.

Jugo de naranja

Mexican Independence Day Game

Spanish Speaking Countries Song by Sing, Dance, Laugh & Eat Tacos
Sing along to "la cucaracha" tune and memorize all of the Spanish speaking countries!

Frutas de Latinoamerica -- Latin American Fruits
You might be surprised at how many of these fruits you have never heard of!

Las Frutas matching game! Es divertido!
Try matching "las frutas" pictures to their Spanish names.  Fun practice!

Ay Las Frutas -- Fun song & video by Patti Lozano

Cuenta -- Spanish Number Rap
You Tube video sing along to numbers in Spanish!

El Alfabeto y las silabas
Another fun ABC song in Spanish with a You Tube Graphic to sing along to.

El Abecedario song by Sing, Dance, Laugh & Eat Tacos
Sing along and practice the Spanish alphabet with this fun You Tube video!

"¿Puedo ir al baño?" video & music by Señor Wooly
Watch a funny video of a real classroom of kids singing "¿Puedo ir al baño?" by Señor Wooly.  Check out the rest of his songs and games, too!

Las Banderas de los paises hispanos -- Flags of Spanish Speaking Countries

Watch on overview of four Spanish-speaking countries
See images of Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, and Mexico with lovely background music!

Easy Spanish Games
Have fun interacting with words you have already learned in Spanish!

The number 10-20 Number Game

Numbers 1-100 Game

Numbers and Colors Hangman

Days of Week/Months of Year

Months of Year

Games Mexican Independence Day

Day of the Dead Vocabulary

Cinco de Mayo

Spanish speaking Countries and Capitals

Telling Time

Millionaire Time Game



Food and Drinks

Body Parts

Rags to Riches Game About Weather


More Spanish Activities

Great Interactive Games/Review

Spanish Games

La clase activities

Jeopardy-3rd grade

El Muchacho Pastor Mini Cuento #1

Jeopardy Review #1-4th grade

Jeopardy Review #2-4th grade

Jeopardy Review #1-5th grade

Jeopardy Review #2-5th grade

El Ratoncito del Campo

Challenge Board for Ratoncito del Campo-5th grade

El coyote y el cuervo


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