Spanish Preschool

Lincoln's Smart Start Spanish Immersion Preschool
Taught 100% in Spanish and designed to assist young children in becoming personally, socially and physically competent, effective learners who are ready to transition to kindergarten.  Your child's natural interest in learning will be nurtured in a safe, creative environment.  Developmentally-appropriate activities are designed to encourage creative thinking and problem solving through the arts. 

California State Department of Education foundations for preschool learning are the guides for the curriculum.
  • Children are active and engaged
  • Content is learned through investigation and focused through intentional teaching
  • Curriculum builds on prior learning and experience
  • Families are involved
  • Computer as well as outdoor learning
M-F, M/W/F, T/TH morning and afternoon classes are offered. Children must be 3 by August 8th and potty trained in order to register.  For more information, please contact Rafaela Jimenez at (831) 784-2214 or email at for current costs and availability.

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Get to know Las Maestras of Spanish Immersion Preschool

Maestra Andrea Razo
Spanish Immersion Preschool

What songs make you smile? Girls just wants have fun  
What's you favorite treat? Chocolate cake
Who has been the kindest person in your life? My grandfather
What do you enjoy the most? The thing I enjoy the most is spending time with my family working in our garden.
What is the embarrassing thing you've ever experienced? One thanksgiving day I went to the supermarket and I fell in front of the cash registers. Everyone saw me, and my husband turned to me and said "What are you doing?"
What was your most memorable childhood Christmas present? when I was seven years old I got a purple jumbo size ball that I couldn't even grab, but I felt the luckiest girl.
What is the one thing you can not live without? My earrings are very important to me without earrings I feel like I'm incomplete
What is the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for you? when I was in fourth grade I started to suffer from terrible headaches (migraines) my mother thought that was an excuse to avoid my chores, but my teacher believed me and took care of me in the classroom she comforted me I could never forget her and that's what inspired me to teach.
If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? I would like to visit Guerrero Mexico that is my father's home town, because I would like to know where he grew up, played, his childhood friends, and know my relatives that I don’t know.
Who is the coolest person you've ever known? My grandfather is. the coolest person that I ever know. I remember him always with a big smile,very patient, and loving
What's the thing you like the most about yourself?what I most like about myself is that I'm very patient and persistent.
What's your most favorite movie? Dragonfly  (Libelula)
When did you last win a prize?In that aspect I have bad luck I can't even remember when I won a prize.
What's your favorite comfort food? Chocolate
If you could plan a perfect day, what would it consist of? Staying home watching my favorite movie without worries and stress and eat too many chocolates and chocolate cake. 
What would you dare to do if you knew you could not fail? Become a singer
What motivated you to get into education? Preschool is for most of the children their first school experience and I wanted the children in my community could have a positive and nice experience. 
Describe yourself in five words.patient, friendly, caring, persistent, and understanding

Maestra Karla Coronado
Spanish Immersion Preschool

(bio coming soon)