Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some fun (educational) things to do on your holiday break

With Thanksgiving already over and the winter break quickly approaching, have you thought about what you will do with the kids during your time off? Well, we have some ideas (or cool websites with ideas) that might help you entertain, while you educate the kiddos.

If recycling and crafting is your thing, you must check out reciclandoenlaescuela.blogspot.com - it's a great Spanish blog (you can use the translate button for English version) with TONS of educational games/craft ideas that are made out of recycled materials, most of which can be found in your home. Total bonus, cool ideas that don't break the bank.

Would you like your children to learn a little geography? I found this really cute video of two little girls singing the names of the seven countries of Central America set to the tune of Happy Birthday (such a cute idea). Here's the link wannajugarwithmigo.  They also created a simple puzzle that would looks easy to do. I'm for sure doing this with my kids over the break! The blog is also a great resource for other Spanish teaching ideas.  Have fun checking it out.

And if you are just looking for a little mindless entertainment (with a little education thrown in), I highly recommend the Spanish Pocoyo youtube channel. My kids love it and it's is very cute.  It makes me feel a little less guilty about sitting the kids in front of the TV/computer when I'm trying to get something done.

If you are still stumped on what to do with all your time, then I can't help you (just kidding); you should check out our Spanish resource link, it has tons of websites that will for sure fill every waking hour of your holiday break.

Happy holidays and feliz año nuevo!

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