Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Gift of Giving

If you are considering giving a gift of appreciation to your child's teacher this holiday season, here's the wishlists that the maestras have put together (thanks to the PTO):
Maestra Razo:
white copy paper
blue dish soap (bubbles)
wax paper
flour for playdough
chisel tip sharpies
assorted art tissue paper
1.5 inch scotch tape
band aides assorted sizes
card stock

Maestra Airada:
5 cookie sheets (dollar store)
glitter large jar (red, gold silver, blue, green)
2 cassette players with headphones
laundry cart w/wheels (new or used)
32 white boards (12x12)
2 gallons of glue
2 large staplers
scrapbook paper
treasure box items (dollar tree)
painting easel
copy paper, glue sticks, markers
gift cards (Amazon, Michael's, Beverly's, Oriental Trading Co.)
hot glue gun and glue sticks

Maestra Ruiz:
yellow highlighters
kodak ink black/color 30/30
Target gift cards
clorox wipes
Beverly's gift card
white lunch bags (small)
brown lunch bags (small)
Michael's gift cards
expo markers

1st Grade
Maestra Gonzalez
art drying rack
mason jars
white copy paper
scented markers
Elf on the shelf (girl)
scented stickers
color copy paper
colored pencils

Maestra Perez
Elf on the shelf
Dollar Tree gift card
Target gift card
Office Depot gift card
dry erase markers
assorted art tissue paper
paint brushes
class set of highlighters

2nd Grade
Target gift card
Michael's gift card
Walmart gift card
Office Depot card
Ticonderoga pencils
painters tape
black dry erase markers
jump ropes
jumbo color chalk class set

2nd/3rd Grade
Maestra Santana
copy paper
fine tip crayola markers
craft sticks (tongue depressors)
white boards for students
binder paper
colored copy paper
ink for printer

3rd Grade
Maestra Leyva
large popsicle stick boxes
glue sticks
ticonderoga costco pack pencils
crayola markers
crayola colored pencils
white copy paper
colored copy paper (lilac, pink, green)
Michael's gift card
Target gift card

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