Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alfamigos- Los Sonidos Iniciales

Hey DLP Parents- The kinder classes are working on the abecedario (alphabet) with the use of Alfamigos and los sonidos iniciales.  According to Literacy Connection, phonological awareness is a strong predictor of later reading success. Phonological awareness refers to the sensitivity to the sounds. This is important because in order to be able to sound out words for reading, children need to be able to hear the similarities and differences in words. 

Here's a link to the  Alfamigos flash cards (click here) that you can print out and use with your child(ren).

Also, here's a link to a Alfamigos video of an adult pronouncing the Alfamigos- it's a great resource for practicing with your child(ren).

Here's a video of sonidos iniciales.  We've placed both videos on the sidebar of the blog for easy access.

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