Monday, February 2, 2015

100 days of DLP Happenings

Hola Lincoln DLP amigos-

Wow, our poor teachers have aged a lot over the last 100 days of school (ha, ha)!
 (L-R, Maestra Rios, Maestra Leyva, Maesta Perez, Maestra Covarrubias, y Maestra Santana)

We hope the year has been going great for everyone.  There's been a lot of cool things happening in the 100 days since school started.  There was a great turn-out to the dia de los muertos workshops hosted by some of our maestras in November.  Additionally, some of the classes went on a field trip to see the movie "The Book of Life" at Maya Cinemas.  If you haven't see the movie, it is worth a watch and is now available on DVD.  Check out Roger Ebert's movie review here:  Also, you can read a blog about the importance of cultural celebrations (such as Day of the Dead) written by award winning DLP teacher, Ashliegh Williams

There was equally a great turn-out to the las posadas workshops hosted by Maestra Leyva, Maestra Santana and Maestra Rios!  Attendees enjoyed homemade tamales prepared by Lilia Macias, Mariana Santos and Maria Ocampo (all parents of students in Maestra Leyva's 4th grade class).  Muchisimas garcias!

Additionally, Maestra Leyva's class successfully raised over $400 for a Lincoln family in need during the holidays!  Thank you to Maestra Leyva for letting the parents know about the family in need of support.  Maestra Leyva's 4th graders also recently attended a FREE field trip to the Monterey Museum of Art.  The museum also provided reimbursement for bus transportation.  The focus of the field trip was centered on California landscapes which is aligned with 4th grade curriculum.  Museum docents engaged the students in active discussion about the works they saw and used strategies to the develop the students' critical thinking skills.

Monterey Museum of Art

Also, we'd like to give a big shout out to Ben and Jenny Cogswell for their incredible "Just Taste" lessons in Maestra Santana's class.  The students have been learning about beets, sushi, seaweed and lots of other unusual and yummy foods.  We hope to share some of their fun videos right here on our blog in the near future! 

If you would like to share what's happening in your DLP class, please let us know, as we would love to feature it here on our blog.

We're excited to see what everyone is doing at our great school.

Happy 100 days of school!

Maria Giannini

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  1. We are so lucky to have these AMAZING educators in our program! They inspire learning daily and really GET INTO their lesson plans! LITERALLY! ... my girls adore their teachers!