Thursday, February 19, 2015

!Aventuras in Salón 6! Maestra Gonzalez' 1st graders

Students in Rm. 6 are learning about presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln (since our school is named after him). They learned a fun fact that Lincoln would hide things under his hat. You can check out the Lincoln's displayed outside the classroom and see what students would hide under their hats (just flip the paper on the hats to find out).  To read more about Lincoln's hats click here:

Students celebrated Valentine's Day by passing out friendship cards for their classmates and creating a gift for their family by placing a family portrait inside a decorated Mason Jar as a symbol of their love for them.

Students are currently learning about life cycles of butterflies, bees, plants, and next is frogs through nonfiction books.

A big thank you to Jose Saucedo's father, Jose who has volunteered in the classroom daily since school began!

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